Twitter’s Rebirth

Twitter has now been reset to normal! Have fun.

For those of you who have not visited Twitter lately, I have great news for you. Are you ready? Elon Musk has literally pushed the re-start button on Twitter. What does this mean for you? 

Here is my take on this November Sunday:

1). Twitter will return to being a link to news stories. In the media we call this being a “news appregator. 

2). Twitter will give the average person a sincere place to vent without being violent.

3). Twitter will force other platforms to his their reset button!

Substack Is My Favorite For Journalism

There are those of us out there that have to write. It’s in our DNA, we are driven by it. While my own background since 1977 was in producing music and then in 1994 starting my journey into radio, the written word for me is pivotal for me.

The number one reason I am such a substack fan is since the platform launched, they are not censoring content creators, nor is substack censoring the comments sections on their various substack writers presentations.

What is Substack?

First, for those of us who have lived on WordPress for years, it is not just a “blog,” it is a platform that builds community.

Second, think of Substack as a platform for passionate writers who are building their own following and while some of the revenue You receive is shared with Substack. You own you’re own content and if at some point in the future you want to leave the platform, no problem!

Third, you can even post various videos so if you a consultant, an expert in your field or an amateur investigative journalist that must give you’re “take” on the world.

Yes you can connect You’re Twitter Account To Substack.

Most of all and this is a big one, Substack can link up to Twitter and if I were you I’d be on Twitter right here right now because Elon Musk took off the gloves and the censorship that was once there under Jack Dorsey’s leadership is now turned off.

Jordan Peterson now back on Twitter after his account was suspenced in the past.

As you write new content, it will also post at Twitter and you can build a nice following!

A Time For Creators

A Dream Is A Goal With A Deadline.
2022 Is A Great Time For Creators

We are living during a time where you can make some serious Bank online. That’s right. I even have one friend who makes 10 dollars for each instagram post that he monetizes.

If you put your head down and willing to get to work, there are some fun tools out there to enable and empower you with fantastic content.

For making fun and quick videos, check out this list:

For making fun audio, check out:

Best tools for a.i. cutting your creation time in half:

Music News

It is very important that you track music news on a daily basis since the industry is changing so quickly.

Here is a quick list to look at:

The three biggest trends I see happening:

More artists are recording from home.

More artists are starting their own labels.

More artists are starting their own publishing companies.

My Life Is A Messenger APP

Living In An APP

After the Covid lockdowns started, I noticed something really strange.

Do you know what it is? I noticed that my life became a messenger application. It did not matter if I was on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, there was no real human interaction. A lot of the time it felt more like I was responding to an A.i. (Artificial Intelligence Application). 

Copy and paste in text.

The only thing you have to do is remember that all of these text applications are basically a “dopamine rush.” If I need a dopamine rush, I think I’ll make myself a French Press Coffee.

French Press Coffee Pour
Time for a Fresh French Press Coffee

Make it a wonderful day and as I always say, “You can’t take any of this stuff too seriously.” If you really want to know what is really happening, look around you. Why? You are watching humanity de-evolving in real time.

This blog is written for humans. If you don’t think you are a human anymore then don’t read these posts. LOL.

Why Is My Life Now A Messenger Application?

Each day I want to avoid Vaxidents. What is that? It is a person who is on their 4th or 5th booster shot and don’t drive right.

Here are some things that I am noticing:

1). People who are jabbed have a hard time staying in their lane. They drift into your lane.

2). Notice at an intersection, the driver never goes up to the line. They are 1, 2, or 3 car lengths behind the line.  (Be careful, they may go into your lane). 

3). The driver will drive 5 or 10 miles an hour below the speed limit. At first I thought these people were stoned or medicated, nope it was the jab.

4). Driving through red lights without slowing down.

5). Are unaware that they are not driving correctly.

VACCIDENT (Click and See).

The Journey Continues

Yesterday was a big day as I had to figure out how to generate a new SSL code so that this website can continue. I’d like to sincerely thank NameCheap who did a great job of walking me through the steps to keep Stoner.Studio safe online.

The remainder of 2022 will be another big transition for America and the World. If you want to know, dear reader whom this blog for, it’s really for you not me. This site is for those who can still think for themselves. You know something is strange, you can’t really put your finger on it, plus you see people acting weird!