Thanksgiving, Just A Good Replica.

Angy “Not For Sale.”

This Thanksgiving was extra special for me this year as I was able to experience L.A. traffic without much traffic.

Historically, driving to a relative’s house on Thanksgiving day usually entailed a 2 1/2 hour drive each way.

This year? A piece of cake. Less than 50 minutes at 65 MPH the whole way.

William Billy Shears On The Left James Paul McCartney On The Right.

One of the blessing’s of this years Thanksgiving, was the release of Peter Jackson’s Get Back documentary series in 3 parts that is being shown on Disney plus.

Mr. Jackson said he worked on the film for over 4 years and that his first cut of the documentary was 18 hours in length.

Why do I think that Thanksgiving is just a good replica?

Answer: If you decided to enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend by watching Get Back you saw the greatest replica of all time, William Billy Shears.

Yes, I am one of those who sincerely believe that James Paul McCartney was replaced after September 11, 1966.

The story first affected me as a kid. I remember going to a cousin’s house and seeing the cover of Sgt. Peppers gave me a lump in my throat.

Yes, I mean that literally, I was a 10 year old kid and I had to go lay down.

This explained to me why the Beatles sound had changed so much in terms of how they sounded as a band.

The Beatles didn’t get off the road because they didn’t want to tour any more, the group had to get the “replacement” up to speed and that meant getting off the road.

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A Dystopian Algorithm

Matrix 2021

A common topic within the technical community is Algorithms. For many of us who live online, we invest a lot of our research time looking for the tools, software programs, and shortcuts that will help us get our message out.

The big challenge is how do we get our message out when there is so much censorship online?

Clif High is a unique voice within the online community, and what you are about to hear started in 1997. The original interview with Clif High was over two hours in length, and I have edited it down to only 15 minutes, so check it out.

Clif High First Art Bell Interview

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